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Who We Are

We could say we are an amazing team bringing you positive results, but we would rather prove it.

We are a collection of diverse hardworking team members united by our dedication and abilities. And we love market research and we are even fun! Just Worldwide may have only about 20 employees, but our combined market research experience is almost 300 years. What this means for you is dependable accurate service, consistent across our offices in Asia, Europe and North America.

But more specifically…

Management team


Managing Director | Global

Janusz Domagalski

Janusz has a broad understanding of market research, spanning all qualitative and quantitative methodologies in fields such as Healthcare, IT, Business to Business and Consumer Goods. After 10 years working for both fieldwork-only and full service organisations, Janusz created Just Worldwide in 2010 to offer Healthcare clients exceptional global fieldwork. Janusz has a Masters degree in International Business Management.

Previously: Field Facts International, Branding Science.

Clare (3)

Field Director | Global

Clare Hopkins

Clare has been with Just Worldwide since its inception in 2010. Prior to that, Clare learned the fundamentals of Healthcare fieldwork management working in full service settings. In addition to field management, Clare is not only responsible for streamlining internal processes to ensure consistency company-wide, but she is also the company compliance lead. Clare holds a Bachelors degree in Geography from the University of Leeds.

Previously: The Planning Shop International , Branding Science.

Bj Headshot

Director of Business Development | Global

Bj Kirschner

Bj came to Just Worldwide armed with more than two decades of market research experience from the data collection and client side. He started out deep in the recruiting trenches and has since moved up, over, across, down and in between to become a specialist in global fieldwork management. Primarily a qualitative Healthcare enthusiast, he has also been heavily involved in quantitative research. Bj has Bachelors degrees in English and History from Northwestern University.

Previously: Focus Pointe, Sachs Insight, Schlesinger Associates, Lightspeed / All Global.


Director of Global Fieldwork | Global

Carrie Skinner

Carrie brings to Just Worldwide experience that spans all aspects and methodologies of market research. She enjoys the challenging and creative studies most, especially when difficult audiences are involved. Carrie started her market research career in facility management before moving to the field management of global Healthcare studies. Carrie’s experience in multiple methodologies helps Just Worldwide offer a broad menu of services. Carrie has a degree in Communications/PR from California University of Pennsylvania.

Previously: SSRS, GfK V2, Reckner


Head of Poland Office | Global

Iwona Mierzejewska

Iwona came to Just Worldwide with over 10 years’ experience in Healthcare market research, splitting that time as part of both fieldwork and research teams. She is a skilled moderator in both Polish and English, and her knowledge covers a vast array of respondent types and therapeutic areas. Having worked in London for a number of years, Iwona moved back to her native Poland and has since successfully set up Just Worldwide Warsaw office. Iwona holds a Masters degree in Psychology from the University of Warsaw.

Previously: Synovate, SERMO, Branding Science.


Field Manager | Japan

Shizuko Procter

Shizuko arrived at Just Worldwide in 2016, full of Japanese Healthcare marketing research knowledge and experience. She began her career dealing with regulatory affairs at a global pharmaceutical company. In the course of over 20 years in marketing research, she has held many positions in business development and client relations and is also an experienced project manager working on studies covering the entire Healthcare universe.

Previously: Cando, Inc.


Research Director | Italy

Ian Becattelli

Ian is a market research consultant with 20 years' of experience in the qualitative healthcare sector. He came to Just Worldwide as an experienced moderator who started his career in London before moving to Italy in 2006. He specialises in the conduct of fieldwork in English and Italian markets. Ian has a Modern Languages degree from Oxford University and a post-graduate diploma in European Marketing with Languages from Napier University in Edinburgh.

Previously: Context, Branding Science, Doxapharma.


Head of APAC | Singapore

Jackie Kwan

Jackie’s career in market research spans a decade and a half. She has worked exclusively with Healthcare clients, focusing on quantitative and qualitative methodologies across all APAC markets. A native of Hong Kong, Jackie is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin. In addition to running the Singapore regional office of Just Worldwide, she provides internal and external training on a range of APAC topics. Jackie holds a Bachelors degree in Biochemistry and a Masters in Marketing from the Chinese University in Hong Kong.

Previously: GFK, Synovate, SERMO, Medefield.

Fieldwork team


Fieldwork Consultant | Global

Sally Udayakumar

Sally joined Just Worldwide with a strong background in Healthcare market research. She started her Healthcare fieldwork training and career at Lightspeed/ All Global. Sally now leads domestic and international studies in an array of qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Patient studies are Sally’s specialty and she has become a sought-after project manager for many clients in this area. Sally holds a Bachelors degree in Marketing with a concentration in Finance from St. Thomas Aquinas College.

Previously: Lightspeed/ All Global

Senior Fieldwork Coordinator | Global

David Pascual

David came to Just Worldwide with a wide exposure to Healthcare market research. He began his career analyzing data for quantitative Healthcare studies. In addition, David has a specialty in project management between clients and programing teams. At Just Worldwide, David has expanded his experience to include qualitative research methods. David holds a Business Administration degree with concentrations in Finance and Economics from Seton Hall University.

Previously: Amazon, Olson Research Group


Senior Fieldwork Coordinator | Global

Dan Buckley

Dan brings over 5 years advance research experience to Just Worldwide. Dan received his degree in Experimental Psychology from Houghton College (BA) and St Joseph's University (MSc) prior to starting work in market research facilities. His academic and professional experience gives Dan a unique perspective of the research process and this understanding provides the necessary tools to surpasss clients expectations.  

Previously: Focus Point Global, Kantar Health


Fieldwork Consultant | Global

Ola Gajdala

A specialist in qualitative studies, Ola is certainly no stranger to quantitative studies as well. Ola joined Just Worldwide in 2014 with over 10 years of market research experience, including a role as a Quality Control Manager (Field Unit) in multinational research projects run by IEA, OECD and Ministry of National Education. Ola holds a Master’s degree in Ethnography from Lodz University and Postgraduate Diploma in Pharmacoeconomics, HTA, Pharma Marketing and Law from Warsaw University of Technology.

Previously: Educational Research Institute, IEA, O&G Research


Senior Field Coordinator | Global

Renata Jezewska

Client service is just one of the many strengths Renata brings to Just Worldwide. She graduated from Warsaw Technical College with a degree in Hotel Administration and Tourism where she learned client service foundations and then worked in the Advertising industry. Renata has spent over 20 years in market research, specializing in FMCG, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare brands.

Previously: Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, British Polish Chamber of Commerce, Kinoulty Research


Field Coordinator | Global

Kinga Jambor

Kinga came to Just Worldwide in 2018 with strong communication and organisation skills enabling her to quickly learn the fundamentals in fieldwork management. Having worked in the area of translation services, diplomatic services and human rights, Kinga brings to Just Worldwide outstanding client service and management skills. Kinga holds a Masters degree in applied linguistics with Russian and English from University of Warsaw. 

Previously: Foreign Diplomatic Mission


Senior Field Coordinator | Global

Ewa Nalewajka

Ewa has a Master’s degree from Jagiellonian University, where she specialised in Research Methods, a great asset for Just Worldwide. Her active engagement in sociology studies has also been an invaluable tool in shaping her market research career, in which she has previously done interviewing for social and consumer research, as well as organising analytical and research workshops. Even with all of that, Ewa also found time to work in corporate banking.

Previously worked for: ProVision Solutions, PMR Research, HSBC Service Delivery


Field Coordinator | Global

Dominika Szewczyk

To join the market research industry, Dominika, who completed five years of study in Social Psychology at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, left the film industry, but the fast-paced and ever-changing speeds require the same set of skills. With six years of international fieldwork in both qualitative and quantitative research under her belt, Dominika arrived at Just Worldwide with lots of experience as a field coordinator, especially in multicultural environments.

Previously: Constantin Entertainment, Norstat


Senior Fieldwork Coordinator | Global

Magda Ziolo

Having worked for both British and Polish companies, first in the human resources sector, Magda brings to Just Worldwide outstanding client and project management skills. With market research experience stretching back over a decade, she has worked in both qualitative and quantitative capacities in many areas of the industry, but primarily Healthcare. Magda holds a Masters degree in Sociology from the Jagiellonian University and Postgraduate Diploma in Market Research from the University of Warsaw.

Previously: ITC Recruitment (currently Lloyd Group), PMR Publications, PMR Research, Independent market researcher (MZi Research)


Field Manager | Italy

Ornella Gentile

Ornella arrived at Just Worldwide after an impressive career in pharmaceutical sales and Healthcare market research. During her time in market research, Ornella has mastered field management, business development and client relationships. Ornella holds a degree in Sociology and to relax, she enjoys reading, meditation and spending time in nature with her dogs.

Previously: Servier Italia, Meta Research, Doxapharma


Senior Project Manager | APAC

KarHui Tan

KarHui joined Just Worldwide bringing with her more than 10 years of experience in fieldwork, project management and client services in Healthcare market research. She has developed a solid experience managing hundreds of quantitative and qualitative studies in APAC, covering a wide range of medical conditions. KarHui speaks English, Malay, Cantonese and Mandarin. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Business Management from the Association of Business Executives in the UK.

Previously: Fieldwork International (Ipsos Healthcare)


Finance Assistant | Global

Kadija Nassih

Having joined Just Worldwide in 2016, Kadija heads up our finance department. She is responsible for financial dealings with suppliers and clients and handles the company’s invoicing. Having earned a BTS accounting technician certificate in France, she has since added an array of IT and Healthcare financial achievements to her portfolio over the course of 10 years in France and another 10 in the UK.


Field Manager | Global

Hon Wong

Hon brings to Just Worldwide a depth of knowledge that extends across various methods of data collection for market research and an array of topics and a strong concentration has been global healthcare, media, and CPG research. Additionally, Hon brings experience in team-training to our group to enhance the quality of the work here at Just Worldwide. He enjoys studies that require more direct contact with the respondents such as patient journey and online bulletin boards and he gets excited about working in markets that are less researched. 

Previously: EFG, Lieberman Research


Fieldwork Coordinator | Japan

Ayumi Yagisawa 

Ayumi is an experienced project manager having spent many years in the educational industry. From this, Ayumi delivered business and English language trainings to pharmaceutical companies and physicians in Japan, gaining invaluable insight into the Japanese healthcare system. Ayumi holds a bachelor’s degree in international law


Field Coordinator | Global

Justyna Filipowska

Justyna joined Just Worldwide in 2018. She graduated psychology and during her time at University she had realised market research is her thing to do. Justyna expertise lies in quantitative research methods where she worked as PM for four years, leading many global projects for international clients. She has also gained experience in qualitative methodologies, which she is polishing further at Just Worldwide.  To free her head and relax she likes travel and is a keen cyclist.

Previously: Nilsen Poland


Field Coordinator | Global

Aga Strzelecka

Aga has spent over 10 years in market research gaining her first experience in Pentor and then 5 years in TNS Poland, where she worked in qualitative fieldwork. She specialized in FMCG brands. Prior to joining Just Worldwide, she worked in a small agency using qualitative and quantitative research methods. Aga has a Master’s degree from Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in environmental protection and Postgraduate diploma in labour and social insurance law. In free time she loves to travel and practice pole dance.

Previously: Pentor, TNS, Kantar TNS


Field Director | Global

Aga Chojnacka

Aga has over 20 years’ experience in market research. For the last decade, Aga has led operations at some of the largest companies in the industry, leading qual and quant initiatives on both fieldwork and research sides. Aga joined Just Worldwide in 2018 to head-up Polish operations for international and domestic clients. Aga is a Management graduate of the University of Warsaw and has post-graduate Management degrees from the Warsaw School of Economics.

Previously: TNS, Ipsos and Kantar