Bj’s 30 Years in 30 Days—June 18 The Universe: Conclusion

  Bj Kirschner      20 June 2022     

The month of June marks my 30th Anniversary in market research. Since 30 days hath June and I love a good countdown, I have decided to do a Market Research Thought of the Day each day in June. Enjoy! Bj

Bj’s 30 Years in 30 Days—June 18 The Universe: Conclusion

Welcome to the end of this week’s multi-post discussion of feasibility in recruiting. 

Here is the statement for the week:

The universe is not the population of a country, the number of HCPs in a given specialty, the number of patients with a condition, all drinkers of wine, etc.  The universe is people who are reachable, qualified, available and interested.

In introducing market research recruiting’s Big Four, we looked at each one in a vacuum.  Of course nothing is ever that easy or that clear.

It’s naturally the combination of them that keeps our lives exciting.  Some disagree, feeling that recruiting is the most important aspect.  I can see why, but what good is a qualified person who is not available for an interview, or even reachable?  We could ask our brave recruiters, or you can read it here!

The reason I chose recruiting as the topic for a whole week is to remind everyone of how central it is to what we do.  I started as a recruiter and so did most others from my era (many companies had all staff members spend at least a little time doing it), so this is second nature to me. 

Ideally, everyone should say that.  There is not a market research position on this planet that is not affected by recruiting.  None.  Zero.  I can wait while you try to prove me wrong, but make it quick.

Back already?  As I was saying…It may be ten companies, three continents and an army of people between you and the respondents, but the issues faced in recruiting are universal.  Nothing else can make that claim, only recruiting.  So why would anyone opt not to understand it?   

Understand recruiting.  Understand how it happens and what makes one recruit hard and another easy.  Understand what it means when a moderator has to take three evenings in a row off the availability.  Understand what it means when the clients make screener changes with the expectation of the new screener being used immediately and in every country doing the study.  Understand what it means to offer half the necessary incentive. 

If you do not want to understand it all, you can always come to someone like me to boil it down for you.  That’s a legitimate offer.  It may come with some truths unexpected truths, but I promise the lessons learned will be beneficial! 

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