Bj’s 30 Years in 30 Days—June 30 The Best of Times

  Bj Kirschner      30 June 2022     

The month of June marks my 30th Anniversary in market research. Since 30 days hath June and I love a good countdown, I have been doing a Market Research Thought of the Day each day in June. Today is the last, but please do go back and read the previous 29 scintillating entries! Enjoy! Bj

Bj’s 30 Years in 30 Days—June 30 The Best of Times

Well, that was fun, wasn’t it?  Distilling 30 years of market research into 30 days, but we did it!  I would like to thank my dedicated dependable readers.  You two are the best!

Obviously simply aging is no reason to gab for 30 days.  The real reason is to highlight some of the wonderful things about this industry and the top-notch people who make it such.

If there is a theme or central tenet that defines us, it’s our unique opportunity to match companies with people who can provide valuable feedback to them.  It sounds simplistic, but that is what we do.  What is not simplistic is HOW we do it.  After 30 years, I have no better an answer to how we do it than I did after 30 minutes.  That’s what makes it so interesting!  Our work requires the participation of people outside of the industry.  That is a big deal. 

Lawyers, doctors and teachers deal with people outside their industries, don’t they?  Yes, but people come to them for their expertise and access to services they cannot otherwise obtain.  Retail establishments deal with people outside their industry, don’t they?  Yes, but again, people come to them for products they cannot otherwise obtain.

Market research companies are approached by companies in other industries for our expertise, but that expertise relies on strangers.  We do not exist without them.  When I began my career, market research did not think operate under that banner.  We felt that respondents were lucky to have us because we paid them and spoke to their interests. In plainspeak, we thought they needed us more than we needed them.

Thirty years later, the best thing about this industry is that we now realize we need respondents more than they need us.  Actually, I don’t remember the last time I even saw a reference to them needing us, that thinking has disappeared with pyramids and ladders.  There is only a circle where our clients, our respondents and all of us coexist with mutual purpose. 

The change has been an absolute pleasure to watch.  I’m not a particularly wistful individual, but I am proud of the work I have done and I think all of us should be proud of the work we have done and continue to do.

So, the answer to the question of why I am still here after 30 years is that now is the best of times in market research. It was great for a long time, it’s even better now.  What will the view be 30 years from now?  Beats me, I’m assuming I’ll be mulch by then…what do you think?

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