What we do for you: The basics

A lot of clients think of us as their go-to for difficult patient recruits. That is an area of specialty, but not the only one!

What do we cover? Pretty much everything on your research project.

  • Management
  • Recruitment
  • Moderation
  • Central location set up
  • Local interpreters
  • Translation of research materials and stimulus
  • Content analysis
  • Transcription
  • Local reports
  • Survey programming
  • Tabulation
  • Screener/Discussion Guide Development

What sets us apart is HOW and WHY we do what we do.

How we do it for you: The hard part

At Just Worldwide, we strongly believe that our clients, our suppliers and our respondents are all our partners. Everything between a client’s stated needs and having them met by respondents is ground we are eager to help you cover. That means stretching beyond the usual barriers and confines, which is where we excel.

Unique opportunities

If you can find a project in Antarctica, let us know, we can all conquer that continent for the first time together! Not sure about something? Get in touch for a “gut check.”

Networks and Resources

We believe in looking at each study with fresh eyes and fresh information from our partners, so we may use multiple partners in a country on the same project to assure maximum reach.

Worldwide Coverage

We have offices in six different time zones and often use them all on a project, essentially being globally “live” everywhere.


We like to be with you and your clients on the front lines. We pass that feeling along to our partners, garnering loyalty, dependability, ease of access and flexibility from them.

Why we do it for you: The easy part

Because we really want to!

Experience at Just Worldwide is our knowledge turned into something useful and usable for our clients.

We are eager for studies on topics we have not seen, using methodologies that may not be quite the norm, finding respondents who represent changes in client needs, etc. If we learn something once, we may be able to share it ten times over. So, we try to stay in front of the research so that our experience can always meet your needs.

Our experience stretches across the full healthcare universe, including physicians, payers, patients and everyone around them. Doing something new or differently just once can put us on the chase to completely unique offerings.

Coverage is key. Global projects involve all of our offices, not just the one reporting to you. That means behind the scenes, we are working in real time globally and the delays from time zone differences are less a factor.

Proven success on the toughest international research projects

I am really impressed with your continued effort on our behalf! Amazing that we’ve managed this. I know how hard this has been. We should write up a paper afterwards on how to approach rare patient recruits! I’m up for it if you are – are we can present at a conference one of these days!

Research Director

I wanted to thank you for the way you've managed every aspect of the project. It's all gone well. The client is very happy. It wouldn't have been possible to do this without you being totally on top of the process.


We must have a proper debrief at the end of the project, but at this stage the work you have done is excellent and above my expectations, so big pats on the back. I wanted you to know I’m happy!

Strategic Consultancy Director

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Just Worldwide are long term members of BHBIA and EphMRA and adhere strictly to international and local guidelines when planning, executing and delivering global projects.


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