Bj’s 30 Years in 30 Days—June 25 The Beauty of Numbers

  Bj Kirschner      24 June 2022     

The month of June marks my 30th Anniversary in market research. Since 30 days hath June and I love a good countdown, I have decided to do a Market Research Thought of the Day each day in June. Enjoy! Bj

Bj’s 30 Years in 30 Days—June 25 The Beauty of Numbers

You try making this title fall in line with my theme, that’s a hard one!

No, I do not hate quantitative market research.  I see the benefits very clearly and over the years, it has gone from a clunky cumbersome paper-heavy nightmare to a speedy efficient environmentally-friendly ideal.

My goodness, the paper.  Oh, the paper we wasted.  In every color, and legal size, so we killed way more trees than letter size.  Or having to figure out which friggin’ size is the right one for each country.  And the editing.  Oh, the editing.  With a red pencil.  And making delivery times.

Computerized studies were no better.  They were a morass of glitches, programs shutting down, people having to spend twice the amount of time budgeted.

It took Internet-based studies to free quant from its constraints and that was wonderful.

Not as wonderful as dealing with actual people, if you ask me.  My insistence that people are not quotas is a bit hard to maintain in the quant world, but that does not mean it is wrong!

No, I do not hate quant.  I don’t LOVE it, but I don’t hate it.  I hated the colored questionnaires because I’m color blind and couldn’t tell all the shades of purple from each other, but honestly, who can?

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