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Our knowledge.

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At Just Worldwide, we feel it is vital to know both how our clients conduct their research and what is behind their approaches. To that end, we spend considerable time and effort internally keeping up-to-date on the latest developments in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, as well as ongoing retraining of market research principles.

As one example, we have created an entire internal learning department to make certain that what one person knows becomes what everyone knows company-wide. This undertaking uses an interactive platform of lively and engaging seminars, trainings and tests created by Just Worldwide team members.

As another example, our company culture so fully embraces rules and policies that we have our own compliance department. Information is current and shared constantly to guarantee against even accidental violations.

At Just Worldwide, we look at all methodologies as options. Whether they rely on new technology or different recruiting avenues, we treat them all with the same care and attention. Everything seems intimidating until conquered the first time and then it becomes comfortable. That is how we have conducted focus groups in Japan, used female moderators for Physician research in the Middle East or run mobile ethnographies with seniors nervous about research on their phones.

In these situations, not only do our clients feel victorious, but the respondents feel the same. Nothing breeds comfort like success and comfortable respondents are the most valuable resources in our entire industry.


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“We believe that the single most important part of any market research project is the data collection and that the most valuable resource is the respondent. We are proud of our respondents and proud to be the closest point of contact with them.”

Ian Becattelli  
Research Director | Italy

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