Merging resources.

At Just Worldwide, we strongly believe that our clients, our suppliers, fieldwork staff and especially our respondents, are all our partners.

Market research is a chain-link fence industry. If one link crumbles, the whole fence can follow. It is of vital importance to us that everyone with whom we come in contact gets our full attention and focus.

While many companies answer quick feasibility questions, we invite our clients to have us dig deeper, even with a project just in the development stage.

If you believe your project could be too complicated or difficult in any way, let us check for you. We will discuss our experiences and we will speak to ideal recruiting circumstances, specifics of a country or region, medical statistics and anecdotal evidence. For patient studies, we always consult our expansive network of patient advocates, with whom we maintain strong relationships even when research topics are not centered in their category.

Coverage is key.  We have offices in six different time zones, so we can decrease pesky time zone issues and essentially be ‘globally live.’  Global projects typically involve multiple Just Worldwide offices, not just the one reporting to you, making for smoother operations overall.

Fresh eyes, fresh information

Fresh eyes, fresh information

Just Worldwide believes in looking at each study with fresh eyes and fresh information from our partners. Our team wants to be with you on the front lines. We pass that feeling along to our partners, garnering loyalty, dependability, ease of access and flexibility from them.

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“We understand the value of each person as an individual and I think that helps keep people focused on succeeding. We always seek to match the right person from our own staff to the right client, to bring in the right respondents, the right moderator and the right analyser. Each study is a fresh experience.”

Shizuko Proctor  
Field Manager | Japan

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