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Just Worldwide has managed thousands of international healthcare market research projects on behalf of global clients. By organizing international projects directly with our regionally based teams, it's a simpler, more reliable way of managing your healthcare market research

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In 2016, our average multi-country study involved six markets with about 18 respondents each. That’s an average, so for all of the one country studies, there were just as many 10-country studies!


Methodologies once thought impossible are now standard for Just Worldwide because we have successfully navigated them with our clients and partners. As examples, we have done focus groups in Japan, online groups of Payers in the US, female moderation in the Middle East. Let’s not forget digital methodologies either.

Bringing together our clients’ technologies with their desired respondents under the right circumstances have resulted in successful studies and respondents who feel part of something interesting, engaging and useful, making them fans of market research for life.

Rare populations

Just to name a few of our successful rare patient studies, we have done PNH, aHUS, SMA, IPF, SHA, Amyloidosis, Hereditary Angioedema, FAC, hTTP and Gaucher’s Disease, not to mention the HCPs also associated with the conditions.

Emerging markets

We have done a huge amount of research, qualitative and quantitative, in the Middle East over the past few years. We have also had more clients looking for research in Latin America outside the usual Mexico-Brazil-Argentina combinations.

Our APAC team bring local expertise in South East Asia and are able to do far more than just the easiest physician studies.

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Just Worldwide are long term members of BHBIA and EphMRA and adhere strictly to international and local guidelines when planning, executing and delivering global projects.


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